Signs That You May Have a Pest Problem Developing

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Maintaining your home or business can be difficult and even the most well-kept structure can experience pest problems and infestations that are challenging to deal with. These nuisances can cause severe torment if they are not handled in a timely manner and unless you are willing to take the proper steps, these minor problems can cause major damage over the long haul.

Even those who maintain clean homes experience pest problems, but there are many who are blissfully unaware of the most common signs that they have a pest problem developing. The most well placed efforts can be for naught and by paying attention to the following warning signs, you will know exactly when you need to contact an exterminator.

1. Increased Chill in The Air

For most of us, the winter chill is taken as a sign that we need to spend more time indoors and unfortunately, all the pests that reside in your area will receive the same exact message. Once the temperatures begin to dip past a certain point, this is a sure sign that you home has become far more attractive to potential pests and nuisances in your region.

These pests are known to get cold as well and they will find their way into your home in a variety of ways. If you have vents or other smaller openings that are readily available to them, pests can enter the home and build a home for themselves that they will continue to maintain, even when the temperatures begin to rise again. While some view chillier air as a way of killing off pests that reside in their region, this is actually a sign that you need to become more vigilant about monitoring for additional signs of infestation, before a true pest problem has a chance to develop. 

2. Excessive Amounts of Moisture

Excessive amounts of moisture inside of the home serves as a neon sign to all of the local pests, letting them know that there is a safe haven for them to hide out from the elements. Most pests greatly enjoy having dark and wet places to spend their time and if you have any standing water or puddles collecting inside of your residence, this is a sure sign that pest problems are not too far behind.

Once these pest species make their way inside, they will cause additional health problems. Unfortunately, excessive moisture is an issue that is not always addressed in a timely manner because it is often out of sight. You’ll need to schedule regular visits from a professional plumber and a pest control company to ensure the long term health and safety of your home and its residents. Yearly termite inspections are also in your best interests.

3. They No Longer Wait Until Nighttime

While most pests have the good social graces to wait until the cover of darkness has arrived before making their initial appearance for the day, daytime appearances signal that you are experiencing a particularly problematic pest problem. If you are catching glimpses of pests that typically have a nocturnal cycle (such as a cockroach), this is a sign of a major infestation that needs to be remedied immediately.

If these problems are ignored for too long in older structures, such as a more aged home or a commercial building that has not been fumigated recently, these types of problems can lead to structural damages as the pests continue to make themselves increasingly comfortable. Once you begin to see pests during the daytime hours, enlist professional help immediately.

4. Breeding Season

The more you know about the breeding habits of the pests that your home or business, the easier it is to tell when you are experiencing a developing pest problem. For example, there are those who allow themselves to be lulled into a false sense of security when they do not see any pests milling about their home or business during the daytime or nighttime hours. 

However, this can be a major false alarm, especially if the pest is the type to lie in wait during their breeding season. Particularly intrepid home and business owners will often find nests buried deep within the recesses of their structures, nests that are filled with hundreds (or even millions) of eggs. If these eggs are allowed to hatch, the pests are able to eventually overrun the home or business, causing a number of issues that may be irreversible.

5. No Traps or Preventive Measures Are Working

In the majority of instances, a home or business owner will attempt to reduce the costs associated with an untimely pest problem that is developing by handling the issue on their own. While you may be able to locate a few of these pests and eliminate them on your own, we are not always able to locate the source of the pests, which leads to a greatly increased level of frustration when the pests make their return within days or weeks of the initial attempt to drive them from the building. 

If you’ve tried a number of different traps or preventive measures and you are still seeing pests or hearing the telltale signs that they are continuing to make their home inside of your walls or drainage systems, this is a definitive indication that your do it yourself tactics are not working. Enlisting a professional who has the proper skills and knowledge to handle the problem is your best bet.

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