Monmouth County’s Handy Guide To Carpenter Bee Control

Generally, carpenters are known for their construction abilities, not their destructive tendencies. Apparently, nobody told that to carpenter bees. These stinging insects are known for their wood-destroying talents and causing damage to wooden structures. While they aren’t the most dangerous pest you could have on your property, carpenter bees can still be a nuisance. Here’s…

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Carpenter Bees and The Damages They Can Cause

Carpenter bees are often categorized into two genera- Xylocopa (large carpenter bees) and Ceratina (small carpenter bees). These two genera do not have the same size, and this is probably the most obvious characteristic used in differentiating between both of them. While Xylocopa is around 12-25 mm long, Ceratina is less than 8 mm long.

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A Bee getting pollin from a white flower

A Bee’s Life

A member of the scientific order Hymenoptera, bees are winged insects found throughout the world. With more than 20,000 recorded bee species, bees range in size from less than 2…

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